Intralogistic Solution Provider

China has witnessed a booming of logistic development over the last 10-15 years, during which labor & land cost have been on constant rise. To continue in the next 10-15 years the operation with unlimited workforce and space will not be an option for any sustainable development. To significantly increase the capacity & efficiency of a warehouse and to improve sorting process with less staff and minimized human mistake will be the key to success. To meet these challenges, we are willing to share with our Chinese counter parts our European experiences and expertise. With minimum investment, we are able to offer you the kind of efficiency from today’s toplevel Intralogistic operation. With intelligence optimization we can maximize your existing system to a higher level of throughput.

CHK was established at Rotterdam the Netherlands since in 1994. It has been a supplier of service & products to logistic sectors of food & none food chain stores, National Postal operators for over 20 years with a very good reputation.

With a professional team consisting of experienced project managers, logistic managers, process developers, IT specialists, we are an intralogistic solution provider of a brand new distribution system, or offer you a tailored made solution according to your specification and practical working environment. With our local Chinese Partners, we will offer you “turn key” project to your best satisfaction