Is it possible to have a different measurement from CHK’s regular products?

Yes, with a mini quantity of 5000 units, CHK will develop with you a tailored made cage

according to your best wishes.

What is CHK’s best lead-time?

For new products, it can take 12 – 16 weeks before your 1st batch is delivered at your address.

For repeat order, it will take 8 – 10 weeks after your confirm of order

What is CHK’s max. capacity per week?

It depends on the product. For a complicated product like the Parcel Container, CHK can roll out 1500 units per week.


What if CHK is late in his delivery according to the confirmed order?

HK is willing to accept a penalty clause for delivery later than the deadline.

What is CHK’s term of payment?

30 days after delivery of each batch.