Intralogistieke oplossingen


Aanbieder van intralogistieke oplossingen

Bij CHK zijn we in 2004 begonnen met het importeren van rollators. Kort daarop lanceerden we onze eerste designrollator van aluminium onder ons eigen label Elephantje. Dankzij onze proactieve benadering van de markt is de Elephantje-rollator inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een van de best verkopende rollators van de Benelux.
Vrijwel gelijktijdig begonnen we de bloemenbranche, postbedrijven en winkelketens te voorzien van trolleys en rolcontainers. Gedreven door een passie om onze klanten de beste waarde voor hun geld te bieden, laat CHK alle producten in het Verre Oosten vervaardigen, waarbij we het productieproces volledig in eigen beheer houden. Met een eigen team in iedere productie-eenheid levert CHK producten van Europese kwaliteit tegen prijzen uit het Verre Oosten. Alleen al in Nederland levert CHK ruim 100.000 units van diverse soorten rolcontainers en trolleys per jaar.

CHK is sinds 1994 gevestigd in Rotterdam, Nederland. Wij hebben in ruim 20 jaar tijd een gedegen reputatie opgebouwd als leverancier van diensten en producten aan de logistieke tak van food en non-food winkelketens en nationale postbedrijven. Met een professioneel team bestaande uit ervaren projectmanagers, logistiek managers, procesontwikkelaars en IT-specialisten leveren we een intralogistieke oplossing in de vorm van een gloednieuw distributiesysteem en bieden wij u een oplossing op maat die is afgestemd op uw specificaties en werkomgeving. Samen met onze plaatselijke Chinese partners kunnen wij u optimaal van dienst zijn met onze “totaalprojecten”.

Applicatie ervaring

Zakelijke richting

Application experience With our knowledge and expertise, we will be happy to offer an intelligent tailored made solution to these logistics operations.

  • Automatic warehouse, including normal temperature warehouse and cold storage warehouse , which are widely applied for some industries, such as:
  1. Grocery & General merchandising
  2. Food & Non-Food chains
  3. National strategic material resource reserve
  4. Industrial and agricultural raw materials and product distribution
  5. 3PL
  6. Others…
  • Parcel sorting, applied to parcel post, express deliveries and e-commerce etc.

Application reliability

In the past 20 years, we have been dedicated to serve the top of the European market and have been a supplier of service to logistics sectors of food & none food chain stores, national postal operators etc.

Managing Director

Jan Kerkhof

Nationality: Netherlands

Key words: supply chain, purchasing, logistics and planning.

Languages: Dutch/ English/ German/ French


  • Stress resistant, integer
  • Solution oriented
  • Communication skills

Project Director

Hans Peter Schwemler

Nationality: Germany

Key words: Warehouse Automation / Project Management

Languages: German/ English


  • Practical and focus on solutions to solve the problems
  • Rich working experiences and leadership in engineering and financial management
  • Contingency Management
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in the logistics solutions industry
  • Well organized and strong analytical skills

Professional Manager

Ernst-Jan Ouwersloot

Nationality: Netherlands

Key words: Warehouse Automation / Project Management

Languages: Dutch/ English / German


  • Professional manager
  • Supply chain logistics management
  • Practical customer solutions provider

Project Management

Edward W. Kegge

Nationality: Netherlands

Key words: Warehouse Automation / Parcel sorting picking system / Project Management

Languages: Dutch/ English / German


  • Procedure optimizaiton and logistics equipment
  • Over 35 years broad experienced in postal processes and logistic means
  • High analysing capacity
  • Focussing on solutions
  • Open minded for suggestions and wishes
  • Excellent in communication and knowledge transfer
  • Besides Dutch, fluid German and English spoken and writing
  • Long distance running



Based on an enquiry of a customer and his target, CHK will send an investigation team to the operation site of the client to evaluate the whole present process i.e. an analysis & target setting. With input of data from the client’ s present running we will come up with our (up grade) targets to reach 2-3 weeks after the visit.


Financiële verplichting

Upon receipt of client’ s confirm of interest and financial commitment, we will finish our (up grade) solution in a matter of 4 – 6 weeks. This proposal will include a schedule of progress, a list of equipment, a list of software and a wish list of support from the client, and our quotation of the total cost.


Voorgestelde oplossing

To visualize our proposed solution, we will provide a computer simulation to show the “complete” process, to detect if there will be any potential obstacles in realization of the solution, and to look for an alternative, etc… In short we will make sure the set targets will be reached in practice before the client makes his final decision to our offer.


Vlotte en goed georganiseerde werking

This is the most critical part of the whole project A complete success of a project depends heavily on the good project manager. To turn a fragmented implementation into a smooth and well organized operation within a huge organization requires not only good knowledge and experiences in certain fields, but a profound understanding of all sectors involved. Project managers of CHK have experiences of 20-25 years in this industry, and have worked on numerous huge projects of world class companies. He or she will be responsible for planning, engineering and procurements during the process of the implementation, and make sure of a success delivery of the project on time and on budget.

We are fully aware of the fact that logistic operation at China today is not a very profitable business. The main advantage of CHK is exactly the cost efficiency. Many other general contractors are actually the manufacturer of parts or software that they make themselves. So they sell you not only solution, but also their own products. In other words, their proposed solutions are made based not on actual necessity, but on their own commercial interest. CHK is not a manufacturer of any parts or software products in his solution. We supply these part or software only to support the solution we proposed. We will select across the world for a supplier with the best price/quality ratio. With our extensive network we can also supply these parts from second hand market, or use client’ s own preferred suppliers if necessary.